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LANDac Conference 2019


How to support transformations that work for people and nature?

The LANDac Annual International Conference “Land governance in transition” took place on July 4 and 5, 2019 in Utrecht. It offered a podium for researchers, practitioners and private sector represen-tatives interested in land governance for equitable and sustainable development. The 2019 conference looked at land governance through the lens of transformations.

In 2019 the LANDac conference was about Land Governance in Transition: How to support transformations that work for people and nature? Central questions revolved around the long-term dynamics around land, water and food production. How is land governance itself transformed, as it seeks to respond to changing circumstances? And how is learning and knowledge building about these dynamics developing, what are promising concepts and tools? Particular questions relate to the different aspects of land governance, such as gender, food security, land tenure security, investments, conflict prevention and peace-building. In a fast-paced world of short-term projects and funding, how can we learn from past and current transitions, build sustainable partnerships and networks, and allow for seeds of innovation to bear fruit?

This conference built on nine years of LANDac Annual International Conferences where rural land debates were connected to the urban agenda, where land governance from an SDG starting point were explored, and where its role in issues of mobility, migration and displacement was examined. The 2019 Conference built on these discussions to return to core questions about land governance and transformation.

Join us on 3 July 2019: Pre-conference welcome drink, pre-registration and documentary screening

Join us on July 3rd at 19:00 at Kargadoor, Utrecht City Centre, for a pre-conference welcome drink, pre-registration for the conference and the documentary screening of This Land, in cooperation with the Land & Accountability Research Centre.

Other pre-conference side-events

More information on the side-events:

Prof. Pauline Peters
Sr. Research Fellow – Centre
for International Development,
Harvard University
Dr. Lorenzo Cotula
Principal researcher – IIED
Fridah Githuku
Executive Director – GROOTS
Denis Kabiito
CEO/National coordinator– UNYFA (National Federation of
Ugandan Farmers)
Dr. Eugene Chigbu
Research Scientist – TU Munich & GLTN Training and Research Cluster Lead
Raul Socrates
National Coordinator – PAKISAMA
National Confederation and
Movement of Peasant
Dr. Cecilia Tacoli
Principal researcher – IIED

Conference themes 2019
Based on the received session proposals, LANDac presents seven conference themes for 2019:

  1. Inclusive Land Governance: Gender and Migration
  2. Urban Land Dynamics, Infrastructure and Deltas
  3. Community Rights: Climate Change and Natural Resource Management
  4. Realities of Dispossession, Displacement and Resettlement
  5. Land Governance and Agribusiness
  6. Land Governance in Practice: Approaches and Tools
  7. Land Governance and New Technologies

In the full programme and the Book of Abstracts you can find an overview of all conference sessions, categorized according to the conference themes.

LANDac welcomes innovative and original ideas; if you have suggestions for materials to present or exhibit at the conference – such as short films, interactive websites, photos, posters – please contact the organisers at

In collaboration with the MDPI Open Access journal Land, LANDac has published three open access papers on ‘Land Governance in Transition: How to support transformations that work for people and nature?’:

  • Domínguez, L., & Luoma, C. (2020). Decolonising Conservation Policy: How Colonial Land and Conservation Ideologies Persist and Perpetuate Indigenous Injustices at the Expense of the Environment. Land, 9(3), 65. MDPI AG. Retrieved from
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  • Santpoort, R. (2020). The Drivers of Maize Area Expansion in Sub-Saharan Africa. How Policies to Boost Maize Production Overlook the Interests of Smallholder Farmers. Land, 9(3), 68. MDPI AG. Retrieved from


  • Bianca de Souza Nagasawa, MSc student at Utrecht Univsersity
  • Chantal Wieckardt, LANDac
  • Christine Richter, ITC University of Twente
  • Gemma van der Haar, Wageningen University
  • Griet Steel, LANDac/Utrecht University
  • Guus van Westen, LANDac/Utrecht University
  • Imke Greven, Oxfam Novib
  • Marthe Derkzen, LANDac/Utrecht University
  • Niek Thijssen, Agriterra




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