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LANDac has a number of ongoing long-term and short-term research projects on the topic of land governance for equitable and sustainable development. In addition, reports...

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15 briefings on policy & institutional contexts in relation to land governance and food security in selected African, Asian & Middle Eastern countries: Afghanistan, Bangladesh,...


Overview of publications produced by LANDac researchers.


Since 2013, LANDac has been organising the annual LANDforum. Comprised of representatives from academia, civil society, governments and private sector from Brazil, Ethiopia, Indonesia, Mozambique and Uganda, this think tank was formed to discuss ways to optimise links between investments, local development and food security. In the context of the LANDforum, experiences and good practices are exchanged between different sectors and across different countries that are not regularly in contact. LANDforum members meet annually at a 2-day forum meeting.