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20th October 2022
09:00 to 17:00

LANDac, as knowledge management partner of the LAND-at-scale programme, will organise a session during the Annual Conference of the Knowledge Platform Security and Rule of Law (KPSRL). The theme of the conference is ”Reimagining Social Contracts”. A key question we will pick up in an interactive manner on is whether land registration works or might work to strengthen local government accountability towards citizens, what would it take to produce such an outcome, and what the role of alternative dispute resolution is in rearranging the social contract.  We aim to explore this question both from a local government perspective and from a land registration perspective, drawing on ongoing experiences in countries such as Uganda, Burundi, Rwanda, and others from the LAND-at-scale network. The conference will take place on 20 October 2022. For more information on the conference, visit

2nd November 2022 12:00 -
3rd November 2022 00:00

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The Netherlands (NL) – CGIAR research programme enhances collaboration between the Netherlands and CGIAR researchers to jointly contribute to transformational change in agriculture around the world by advancing food system knowledge and joint public and private innovation. Linking expertise and partnering in research resulted in key contributions by researchers, policy-makers and stakeholders. Hence the conference’s subtitle ‘Advancing knowledge and innovation for food system transformation’.

NWO-WOTRO will celebrate the NL-CGIAR research programme and the partnerships within the programme with a fully online conference. Join us for two afternoons full of thematic sessions, interviews, keynotes, a poster session and much more that will inspire and inform scientists, policymakers, and stakeholders from companies, public authorities and NGOs. Together we aim to understand, improve and transform food systems.

What can you expect?

  • Showcasing and learning from key novel research insights and outcomes of NL-CGIAR research (e.g. seed systems, on scaling, gender and equality)
  • Sharing of best practices, challenges and lessons learned
  • Showcasing the contributions made by NL experts to the CGIAR                                                                

We have a focus on a variety of subthemes next to the main theme that touch on the NL-CGIAR partnering and seed system approaches.

Few examples of the subthemes that will be addressed during the two days:

  • The NL-CGIAR partnership approach
  • Public-Private-Partnerships
  • Food system transformation
  • Cross-cutting approaches and mechanisms for seed access by majority of farmers