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Blog Series: Land Governance and the COVID-19 Pandemic

Blog Series: Land Governance and the COVID-19 Pandemic

As LANDac we are highly concerned about the impacts of the global COVID-19 pandemic on the land rights of poor people and insist on the importance of sustainable and inclusive land governance. While it is still early to assess the full extent of the impacts of the crisis, you can find some early observations by our partners and network below.

Please note that the opinions expressed in the blogs below belong the the authors themselves.

Is the security of tenure for women secured in the ‘Africa we want’?

Grace Ananda, the Oxfam Pan Africa Programme
25 May 2020

What is the position of women in Africa 57 years after the formation of the African Union? How would the world look like if women had secure access, and control of their land, and natural resources? Would the food crisis be managed differently during emergencies, like the big one we are now living in? These are the questions I keep asking myself anytime I meet with rural women farmers and engage with policymakers in the African continent.

The threat of Covid-19 in Kenya: thoughts and worries, and the urgent need for social protection and safety nets plan

James Wangu, LANDac and Utrecht University
11 May 2020

For those of us born a few decades after the Second World War, the current novel coronavirus (Covid-19) crisis is unlike anything we have ever experienced in our lifetime. Since the outbreak of the virus in China late last year, Covid-19 has left a trail of suffering in all corners of the world.