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The worldwide web offers a wealth of documentation on land governance. This also goes for video material: recordings of meetings, films, animations, short clips etc., on topics ranging from research results to policy proposals and project evaluations. In order to make that information more readily available, LANDac has created a gateway to selected material.

The gateway is twofold. On the one hand, you will find items and clips developed by, or at the request of, LANDac. Staff of institutions that participate in, or are collaborating with LANDac, elaborate short lectures or give interviews on the topics they focus on in their research or other professional activities. This collection of items has been started in the first months of 2017 and is continually expanding: you will find it here.

A second category consists of material that is already ‘out there’ on the internet and for which we have been generously granted permission by the owners to include it in our gateway. In this section we have selected a number of appealing items that can provide the visitors of our website with more background on the issues that are nowadays in the frontline of theoretical and/or and policy debate. The items are classified in subtopics such as present trends in land governance, gender and land rights, community lands, the voluntary guidelines for land tenure (VGGT) etc. You will find these other resources here.

All items will gradually be combined into a thematic ‘package’ or packages that can be used for educational purposes, both at the graduate and the undergraduate level.