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LAND-at-scale | Roundtable Discussion on Specific Country Project Ideas
Date and Time
9th December 2019 13:30
9th December 2019 17:00
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SAVE THE DATE  December 9th 13:30-17:00  LAND-at-scale follow up round table

Dear colleagues,

Last year, at request of Frits van der Wal, multiple round table sessions have been organized during which you could provide suggestions and ideas for the outlines of the LAND-at-scale program. Many of you have participated in these round tables and your ideas and views are much appreciated. Therefore, we would like to invite you to a follow up round table, now that the program is entering a next phase.

Project ideas from the following embassies have been assessed as most promising in the first round of LAND-at-scale: Burundi, Chad, Colombia, Ghana, Iran, Mozambique, Palestine Territories, Rwanda, Somalia, South Sudan, Uganda, Vietnam and Zimbabwe. These embassies have been contacted by RVO to further discuss the development of the ideas into full-fledged projects.

The selection of these ideas was done by the LAND-at-scale Committee, consisting of five external committee members and six members from different thematic and regional departments of the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The five external committee members are experts in different sub-fields of land governance, including land administration, legal aspects and access to justice, women’s land rights, inclusive land governance, private sector development, communal land rights and indigenous peoples. Decisions were made by consensus and based on the selection criteria as presented in the LAND-at-scale program document. The Committee looked at a combination of content and strategic criteria.

Taking the advice from the Committee into account the LAND-at-scale team has started, in close collaboration with the embassies, to formulate the scope of potential projects. Via desk research, field visits and scoping studies, the project ideas are being developed further.

In this phase we would like to invite you for a follow up meeting focused on specific project ideas that are under development in Burundi, Chad, Rwanda, Palestinian Territories and Zimbabwe. In this session, we would like to share the outline of the project ideas with you and we look forward to hearing your suggestions and ideas. The session will start with a short update on the LAND-at-scale program’s progress in general, after which you can engage with the project advisors bilaterally on specific countries or subjects on which you can share your expertise or interest. The time set for bilateral sessions is 30 minutes but may be altered depending on the number of entries.

Please send an email if you would like to participate and indicate for which of the five countries you would like to speak with a project advisor if applicable via on Wednesday December 5 latest. 

More information will follow.

Kind regards,

LAND-at-scale team

In summary:
What: Round table discussion on specific country project ideas
When: Monday December 9 from 13:30-17:00
Where: RVO The Hague, Beatrixlaan 2

RVO The Hague
RVO The Hague, Beatrixlaan 2, The Hague, The Netherlands