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Land Portal Webinar: The State of Support for Open Data in Land Governance
Date and Time
6th November 2019 16:00
6th November 2019 17:30
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“Where are the opportunities to take forward an ambitious transparency, anti-corruption and open data agenda in the land sector?"

Join the Land Portal for a Webinar, co-hosted with the Open Data for Development (OD4D) network, exploring routes to realise the potential of open data as a tool for anti-corruption in the land sector.

This September, Land Portal hosted an online dialogue on ‘Open Land Data in the Fight Against Corruption’. This responded to a dual recognition that corruption remains a major issue in land governance, and that open data has been identified as a powerful tool in the fight against corruption. At the same time, gaps remain between the promise and the reality of open data in the land sector. Poor data availability, underdeveloped theories of change, and a lack of implementation support have all contributed to slower-than-desired progress in data publication and use over the last decade. Whereas some sectors, such as agriculture, aid and procurement, have seen substantial transparency initiatives, land registers and data on land-deals remain opaque in many places around the world, and there has been comparatively little attention given to improving open data availability and use around land and anti-corruption. This is in spite of substantial donor support for the creation of digital systems in the land sector.

This webinar will bring together donors and intermediary organisations to explore questions including:

  • Are new initiatives needed to secure a step change in how open data is used for land governance?
  • How can open data principles be embedded within wider land sector programmes and anti-corruption efforts?
  • Where are the priority areas for open data investment in the land sector?
  • And what can we learn from how other sectors have embedded open data approaches?

Event Site details are not available.