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ILC | Save the date: ILC launches LANDex @ World Bank Conference

Introducing LANDex LANDex, an evolution of ILC’s Dashboard, uses common indicators and methodologies to promote people-centred land governance monitoring. In preparation for its LAUNCH, we gave the Dashboard an overhaul – new name and look! Join us at… Read More

LANDac | Blog Building Towards Ownership: Exploring the Role of a Community Land Trust in Sustainable Development

In this blog, Eva Labrujere explores how local knowledge and a community-based approach can provide a base for a strategic framework to guide sustainable development in Mathare Valley (Nairobi, Kenya). The developed integrative strategic framework aims to build towards overcoming… Read More

LANDac | LANDac Conference side event – Workshop: (Geo)Visualizing Qualitative Methods

Workshop: (Geo)Visualizing Qualitative Methods Organised by Dr. Kei Otsuki and Dr. Ajay Bailey  Our academic research often produces texts. We interview people, observe situations, collect more data, analyze and write and publish about them. The question is: are… Read More

ITC Twente | Vacancy Assistant Professor Urban and Regional Planning and Geo Information Management

The department of Urban and Regional Planning and Geo Information Management (PGM) of ITC works on the linkage of geospatial technologies with both Urban Planning & Management and Land Administration. The department takes the role of people as… Read More

VNGi | Participatory cartography in Benin: A VNG International project

LANDac partner VNG International have recently experimented with a revolutionary new tool for securing community land rights in Benin. As in many parts of Africa, land rights in Benin are largely undocumented, resulting in land related conflicts accounting for… Read More