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Special Issue Politics and Power in Land Administration Reform (PPLA)

The research initiative PPLA is seeking interested scholars to join a “research cluster”, whose objective will be to publish a special issue on politics and power in land administration reform in a reputable academic journal. Despite a number… Read More

ITC | Vacancy Assistant Professor Spatial and Land Economics

ITC University of Twente: Vacancy Assistant Professor Spatial and Land Economics Deadline: 8th January 2021 ITC University of Twente is looking for an assistant professor in Spatial and Land Economics. Within the ITC’s mission, the claims for sufficient and… Read More

Vice Versa | Communities need land rights to gain from investments

In the autumn of 2020, Vice Versa publishes a series of articles on transforming African food systems to provide sufficient and healthy food to the growing population, while at the same time generating income and employment for the… Read More

Global Land Alliance | Community Participation and Inclusion during a Pandemic: Recent Experiences from Around the World

In this recently published blog, Laura Bermudez, Jordan Oestreicher, Christen Corcoran, Elyse Magen address the questions: How can we reconcile the hazards of social interaction in a COVID-19 world with the importance of community participation to the successful,… Read More

Landesa | Secure Land Rights: A Sustainable Solution at the Intersection of Climate Change and COVID-19

In this blog on Skoll Foundation, Rachel McMongagle addresses the dual crisis of climate change and COVID-19. “COVID-19 and climate change are impacting all of us, but the dual disasters have a disproportionate impact on communities in emerging… Read More

University of Manchester | Blog: Overcrowding, not density, makes cities more vulnerable to Covid-19

Recently published blog by Professor Diana Mitlin, CEO of the African Cities Research Consortium Covid-19 has brought a new realization to many governments and development agencies: investment in towns and cities is essential. People need to live in… Read More

GLP | COVID-19, reverse migration, and the impact on land systems

Recently published blog by Sébastien Boillat and dr. Julie Zähringer on the impact of COVID-19 and reverse migration on land systems; “The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the world abruptly, affecting nearly all of humanity with breath-taking speed. At… Read More

IIED, Namati and CCSI | New Initiative ALIGN

IIED, Namati and the Columbia Center on Sustainable Investment (CCSI) have developed a new initiative to support governments, civil society, local communities and private sector actors in improving the governance and practices of land-based investments.   The Advancing Land-based Investment Governance (ALIGN) project… Read More

ITC Twente | Evaluating Some Major Assumptions in Land Registration: Insights from Ghana’s Context of Land Tenure and Registration

Read this new article by Zaid Abubakari, Christine Richter and Jaap Zevenbergen: Evaluating Some Major Assumptions in Land Registration: Insights from Ghana;s Context of Land Tenure and Registration. Abstract:A discussion of the assumptions that underlie efforts to register… Read More