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Panel descriptions, topics and panel organizers

In the coming weeks, we will continue to post descriptions of panels that are being organized in the context of the 2016 LANDac Annual Land Conference.


Conference organizers: Annelies Zoomers (UU-IDS), Guus van Westen (UU-IDS), Gemma Betsema (LANDac), Lucy Oates (LANDac)


Panel organizers: Gemma van der Haar (WUR-SDC), Mayke Kaag (African Studies Centre), Kei Otsuki (UU-IDS), Patrick Witte (UU-Urban and regional planning), Murtah Read (UU-IDS), Emiel Wegelin (UrbAct), Alioune Badiane (UN Habitat), Marius Stehouwer (Lift Cities), Inge Kok Postma (Lift Cities), Femke van Noorloos (UU-IDS), Thomas Hartmann (UU-Urban and regional planning), Fennie van Straalen (UU- UU-Urban and regional planning), Jur Schuurman (UU/ LANDac), Ore Fika (IHS), Mathijs van Leeuwen (ASC/ CICAM), Gillian Mathys (Universiteit Gent), Karen Buscher (Universiteit Gent), Griet Steel (UU-IDS), Paul van Lindert (UU-IDS), Michelle Nuijen (UU-IDS), Mirjam Ros-Tonen (UvA-AISSR), UU Future Deltas Programme and others.



EXPERT ROUND TABLE: On the Road to Habitat III, the Global New Urban Agenda, Emiel Wegelin, UrbAct (full text)


Session: Mega-cities, Ore Fika (IHS Rotterdam) (details to be added)

Session: Emerging cities/ rural urbanization, Griet Steel (Utrecht University) (Session details)

Session: Peri-urban dynamics, Griet Steel (Utrecht University) (Session details)

Session: Infrastructure development, Kei Otsuki, Murtah Read & Patrick Witte (Utrecht University) (Session details)


Session: Changing landscapes and livelihoods, Dr Mirjam A.F. Ros-Tonen, University of Amsterdam (Session details)

Session: Food security, Guus van Westen & Bram van Helvoirt (Utrecht University) (Session details)


Session: Rural and urban land conflicts, Dr Mayke Kaag (African Studies Centre) (Session details)

Session: Urban elites and property relations, Gillian Matthys (Universiteit Gent) and Matthijs van Leeuwen (CICAM Nijmegen and African Studies Centre) (Session details)

Session: Violent urbanization, Karen Buscher and Gemma van der Haar (WUR) (Session details)





Session: Climate change and property rights, Fennie van Straalen and Thomas Hartmann, Utrecht University (Session details)

Session: Land administration and smart solutions (Kadaster International) (detailed information to be added)

Session: Land governance: the case of Indonesia, Dr Laurens Bakker, University of Amsterdam (Session details)


Practice & policy sessions

Session: Communal land rights/ collective action, Jur Schuurman (UU/ LANDac) (Session details)

Session: More Human Cities, Marius Stehouwer (Human City Coalition) (session details)

Session: Policies – VGGTs, SDGs, Habitat III, Annelies Zoomers (Utrecht University, Chair of LANDac)


Special track with cases of urban expansion and infrastructure development in the Netherlands and abroad.



Fit-for-purpose land administration (Kadaster International)

Photo exhibition (ActionAid)

Book presentation (CEDLA, University of Amsterdam)

And: documentary viewing and discussion; case study: land grab in the Netherlands?; case study: Beira, Mozambique


In case you are interested in the possibilities to present or to display documentation, please get in touch with the conference organizers through: