LANDac 2017 Conference Report

The LANDac Annual International Conference 2017 was titled: ‘Leave no one Behind: Setting the Land Agenda to 2030’. This edition took the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as its starting point. With over 250 participants from more than 25 countries, it addressed a variety of themes as diverse as the SDGs themselves. Sessions were about ‘new’ themes such as the New Urban Agenda, urban and peri-urban areas, infrastructural development, migration, and mobility, and the more ‘traditional’ themes such as food security and inclusive business. Sessions were also dedicated to technical innovation, monitoring and measurement, resistance, and waste governance. Participants were from universities, knowledge institutions, government, and NGOs, while some representatives of the private sector also attended. In the debates, a couple of recurrent topics came up, such as: the importance of including communities – including women – in decision making, urban land grab, the central role of the state, the role of civil society, the risks of formalization of land, the importance of data, and the dangers of turning land into a financial asset. The need for multi-stakeholder dialogues and knowledge accumulation – LANDac being a prime example – was seen as a possible solution to share experiences and ideas on how to move forward.

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