New E-publication: JARAK the short history of Jatropha projects in Indonesia

07 Apr 2015

JARAK, the short history of Jatropha projects in Indonesia

The E-publication of JARAK presents the main results of the studies conducted for the research program “JARAK: The Commoditization of an Alternative Biofuel Crop in Indonesia” at Leiden University (Van Vollenhoven Institute for Law, Governance and Development) with partner institutions in Indonesia and the Netherlands. At the center of this site is the article “Jatropha: From an iconic biofuel crop to a green-policy parasite” which is the synthesis of the research program’s findings. While reading this article you will find links to 26 mini-articles that provide the background for the core article’s arguments, elaborate some case studies, point the reader’s attention to academic articles that have already been published by JARAK researchers, and position the parts of the central article in academic debates. The mini-articles demonstrate the variety of perspectives included in an interdisciplinary research program.


The E-publication is available on: