LANDac Policy brief 07: Migration, youth and land in West Africa

14 May 2019

Challenges for inclusive development

By Gerard Baltissen, Mayke Kaag, Anouk Lodder and Griet Steel

Is migration the problem?

As discussions on migration become ever more alarmist and narrowly focused on how to stop African migration towards the European Union, current policy debates often assume that providing access to land will discourage migration. But research has shown that this assumption is too simplistic. Despite fears of an ‘exodus’ to Europe, West Africa has significantly more migration movements within the region than to European countries. Instead of focusing on migration as a ‘problem’ this policy brief argues that a better understanding is needed of the complex interplay between migration and land dynamics, and how these factors help or hinder inclusive and sustainable development, especially for West African youth.

Download the full policy briefing here:

LANDac Policy Brief-07