Pathways to Sustainability conference 2019

24 Jan 2019
Utrecht, the Netherlands

The next Pathways to Sustainability conference will take place on 24 January 2019 at TivoliVredenburg, Utrecht. The online registration process will start in November. The keynote speech will be delivered by Harvard Professor Sheila Jasanoff. A pioneer in her field, Jasanoff calls for a new imaginary in the transition to sustainability.



The previous Pathways to Sustainability conference was held on 9 February 2018. It was an interactive and inspiring event, with external keynote speakers and the presentation of the Utrecht University Sustainability programme.

“Sustainability is our collective wake up call. The challenge is to tap into our imagination and come up with pathways that lead towards sustainability.” With these words Prof Maarten Hajer launched the conference. Aimed at creating a meeting place for a transdisciplinary community of sustainability experts, the event inspired nearly 500 scientists, policy makers, consultants, directors, students and practitioners working in various disciplines.