LANDforum 2016

04 Feb 2016 - 05 Feb 2016
Utrecht, the Netherlands

The annual Land Forum creates and consolidates a think tank of private sector representatives, policy makers, practitioners and researchers who together search for new ways to optimize the link between land investments, food security and inclusive and sustainable development. We bring together international stakeholders to explore the potential and constraints of the private sector to contribute to inclusive and sustainable development, focusing on land governance issues. This forum focuses on a number of countries in Africa, Asia and Latin America that are currently targeted by investors, or where foreign investment plays an important role in expanding the frontier of land investments: Brazil, Ethiopia, Indonesia, Mozambique and Uganda. By creating and consolidating a network, this forum plays an important role in establishing new corridors for exchanging information (between countries, both in the areas of origin and of destination) and making investments more effective for food security, and inclusive and sustainable development. These discussions will be linked also to discussions about Corporate Social Responsibility, the development of new guidelines and principles regarding investments in land and land governance and a new post-2015 development framework.