Film screening: Land rights now

24 Apr 2017
MixTree, Overtoom, Amsterdam


Time: 20.00

This film screening to celebrate Earth Day 2017 includes a selection of short films about the role Indigneous People and local communities play in fighting climate change and protecting the world’s biodiversity – and what is at risk when their land rights are insecure.

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Accompanying us on the evening are two guest speakers who will share very real life experiences of the role Indigneous People play fighting climate change – and what happens when their rights are violated:

Bertita Caceres, Lenca indigneous activist, Honduras.
Bertita’s mother was brutally murdered in 2016 for her role in leading community resistance to a hydroelectric dam on their ancestral land.

Semuel Sahureka, Alifuro indigenous activist, based in Amsterdam but working closely with Alifuro communities in Maluku who know very well the effects of man made climate change.

The film screening is organized by Land Rights now as part of Global Earth Day Mobilisation 22-29 April.

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