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African Studies Centre, Pieter de la Courtgebouw, Wassenaarseweg 52, Leiden - room 3.A06

Kenya Land Reform: From Paper to Practice
Will Kenya's new land bills safeguard people's land rights and food security?
A seminar organized by ActionAid, African Studies Centre and LANDac
Tuesday 9 October 14.30-16.00h
Chair: André Leliveld (ASC)
Presenter: David Barissa (ActionAid)
Referents: Marcel Rutten (ASC) and Caroline Archambault (Utrecht University)
Based on the experiences of Kenyan land rights expert and activist David Barissa (ActionAid), an informal presentation and discussion will explore the opportunities and challenges of Kenya land reform in a context of ‘rush for land’ for feed and (bio)fuel. A new National Land Policy (2009) and much emphasis on land rights and governance in Kenya´s renewed (2010) constitution provide an important opportunity to improve people´s access to and control over land, as well as food security. Meanwhile, tensions and even conflict over land and the risks of land grab remain - in particular with increasing ‘rush for land’ for feed and (bio)fuel-; and development and implementation of new land bills is challenging.
The recently adopted Voluntary Guidelines on Land Tenure (FAO) provide additional momentum and framework for national land legislation. What are experiences and expectations of new land bills? What opportunities and challenges for land rights and food security in a complex biofuel/land/governance nexus? And what role for NGOs in making this a reality?
14.15-14.30        Coffee/tea
14.30-15.15        Presentation David Barissa
15.15-15.40        Reactions by Marcel Rutten and Caroline Archambault
15.40-16.00        Discussion
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David Barissa Ringa
Policy Research Co-ordinator for ActionAid Kenya (Coast Region) and expert on land rights and biofuels. Programme includes engagement in land policies, development of various land bills, awareness raising, training and local rights work, impacts of mining and biofuels in various Southern Coastal regions, whilst liaising with Nairobi national office. David has also been leading ActionAid Kenya's community mobilisation work in the Dakatcha Woodlands in response to a large Jatropha investment and is in close contact with community leaders.
Marcel Rutten (ASC)
Senior researcher who has been working in arid and semi-arid Kenya notably on tenure and resource conflicts over land and water
Caroline Archambault (UU)
Senior researcher who has been studying and working in East Africa since 1996. Her current research focuses on privatization of Maasailand and gender in Kenya.

9 October 2012