End of Phase Evaluation: Global Land Tool Network – Phase 2

26 Apr 2019

The evaluation of GLTN’sPhase 2 operations was conducted between January and March 2018, where performance, impact, relevance, efficiency, effectiveness, and sustainability were assessed. The evaluation also assessed additional factors such as partner participation and ownership, financial management, and monitoring and evaluation.

The general findings of the evaluation indicate that GLTN’s Phase 2 successfully delivered expected results, in relation to performance indicators and targets. GLTN Phase 2 was found to address a key gap in the implementation of land policies by offering cost-effective and inclusive approaches that lead to tenure security, and by advocating the Continuum of Land Rights and Fit-For-Purpose Land Administration concepts in various global platforms.

The Phase 2 Evaluation Report thus presents the findings and provides invaluable insights into GLTN’s capacity and capability, providing a strong basis for ongoing impact as the Network rolls out the GLTN Strategy 2018 – 2030.