• Call for papers & Participation: “Beyond Land Grabbing” seminar Roskilde, Denmark

    Roskilde University is hosting a seminar on “Beyond landgrabbing: New perspectives on large-scale land acquisitions in Africa and South-East Asia on May 20, 2014.

  • Vacancy Announcement : Internship Justitia et PAX Nederland – landrechten

    Justitia et Pax Nederland is looking for an intern ‘Economic and social rights’ from 1 May – 1 September for 4 days per week. Activities include supporting the programme officer economic and social rights, and in particular the programme on land rights; conducting research into land rights and land conflicts in Africa and Asia; supporting […]

  • Invitation to submit cases: Sustainable land and water programme

    Sustainable Land and Water Programme – Sustainable Trade Initiative Launch The Sustainable Land and Water Program was launched on Friday 28 February 2014 in The Hague. The event consisted of an expert and engagement meeting in the morning and a public launch in the afternoon. The expert meeting convened a wide range of experts in […]

  • Vacancy: Assistant professor in international development studies with expertise in urban and…

    The Department of Human Geography and Planning (SGPL) at Utrecht University seeks to appoint an Assistant Professor in International Development Studies (IDS) with extensive field experience (in Africa, Asia and/or Latin America) and with expertise in the field of urban and land governance, focusing on rural/urban dynamics, responsible business and/or sustainable livelihoods. This position will augment […]

  • New LANDac Publication: The Global Land Grab – Beyond the hype

    The last two years have seen a huge amount of academic, policy-making and media interest in the increasingly contentious issue of land grabbing – the large-scale acquisition …

  • LANDac becomes partner of the Global Land Tool Network (GLTN)

    Following attendance as an observer of the Partner Meeting of the Global Land Tool Network in The Hague, The Netherlands in November 2013, LANDac joined the GLTN Network on 26 February 2014. The Global Land Tool Network (GLTN) is an alliance of global regional and national partners contributing to poverty alleviation through land reform, improved […]

  • New online course on natural resources and sustainable development

    A new course (in French) about natural resources and sustainable development is now available through the edX website: ‘Ressources naturelles et developpement durable’. The 7-week course (4-6 hours per week) looks at the links between natural resource use (land, water, minerals, forests etc) and sustainable development. Both opportunities and challenges at local and global level of natural resources are dealt […]

  • Land grabbing and human rights: Debate 1 February, Amsterdam

    On 1 February 2014, Human Rights Watch, Oxfam Novib and ASN Bank organize a debate at De Balie in Amsterdam about land grabbing and human rights as part of the Human Rights Weekend. The rise of land grabbing has led to increased human rights violations and destroyed livelihoods. Across Africa, Latin America and Asia, hundreds […]

  • Land Governance Donor Programme Database Launched

    On January 22 a comprehensive database on land and resource governance programmes funded by members of the Global Donor Working Group on Land was presented during the Platform Annual General Assembly in Paris. Global scope Cooperating with the Global Donor Working Group on Land – comprising bilateral and multilateral donors as well as development agencies […]

  • Presentation George Schoneveld 16 january 2014

    16 January, The Hague   On Thursday 16 January, former LANDac PhD George Schoneveld presented his dissertation at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Around 50 participants joined the presentation and discussion about his research into ‘The Governance of Large-Scale Farmland Investments in Sub-Saharan Africa’. The work contains a comparative analysis of challenges for sustainability in […]

  • Global Donor Working Group policy brief ‘land in a post-2015 framework’

    The Global Donor Working Group on Land ( published a platform policy brief on land in a post-2015 framework. The policy brief can be accessed via this link.

  • Land rights in Namibia

    The Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) recently published two case studies about land rights in Namibia. Topics are the strenghtening of women’s rights to land and the systematic registration of communal land in Namibia. Both documents are available at the Capacity4Development website:

  • Landesa women’s land rights visiting professionals program

    Women’s Land Rights Visiting Professionals Program The Women’s Land Rights Visiting Professional Program is cultivating a network of qualified professionals who are strongly committed to strengthening women’s land rights. The program will boost visiting professionals’ capacity to effectively strengthen women’s land rights, foster motivation and ability to actively participate in this network, and reinforce the […]

  • Start of the new LANDac LANDforum

    On 7 and 8 November 2013 LANDac organized the first LANDforum meeting: a group of policy makers, practitioners, private sector representatives and researchers gathered at Utrecht University and discussed new ways to optimize the links between land-related investments, food security and inclusive sustainable development.

    This meeting in Utrecht was a first step towards the establishment of a multi-stakeholder network and think-tank that will meet again in 2014 and 2015.

  • Government of Ethiopia partners with the G8 to improve land governance

    Government of Ethiopia partners with the G8 to improve land governance The Governments of Ethiopia, the United Kingdom, the USA, and Germany announced agreeing to enter a land country partnership to work together to improve rural land governance for economic growth and to protect the land rights of local citizens in Ethiopia.   This partnership […]

  • Call for proposals: agricultural investment, gender and Land in Africa

    The Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations, the Institute of Poverty, Land and Agrarian Studies (PLAAS), the Future Agricultures Consortium, and the Land Policy Initiative (LPI) of the African Union, the African Development Bank and the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa, are jointly organizing a multi-stakeholder conference to be held in […]

  • New publication: a critical review of the policy debate on large-scale land…

    In the new publication ‘Africa for Sale. Positioning the state, land and society in foreign large-scale land acquisitions in Africa’ (Evers, Seagle, Krijtenburg, eds), Professor Annelies Zoomer contributed a chapter entitled ‘A critical review of the policy debate on large-scale land acquisitions: fighting the symptoms or killing the heart?’. The chapter is available online.

  • New publication: compensation and resettlement policies

    ‘Compensation and resettlement policies after compulsory land acquisition for hydropower development in Vietnam: policy and practice’ In this new article published last week in open access journal Land, the authors analyse differences between policies and practices regarding state-led land acquisitions. By studying the case of a dam-related resettlement project near Hue city in Central Vietnam, […]

  • New publication: Africa for sale

    ‘Africa for sale: Positioning the state, land and society in foreign large-scale land acquisitions in Africa’ Sandra J.T.M. Evers, Caroline Seagle and Froukje Krijtenburg (eds.) The past several decades have witnessed a rise in foreign and domestic investments in Africa’s arable land. While such land projects are currently the focus of widespread media and scholarly […]

  • Experts identified key indicators to support the Post-2015 development agenda

    Experts identified key indicators to support the Post-2015 development agenda Prior to the GLTN Partner meeting on 11, 12 and 13 November in the Hague, the Netherlands, over 30 internationals experts met and agreed to propose 4 promising land indicators to support the post-2015 development agenda. The four indicators proposed for considerations are: (1) Perceived […]

  • Land rights and Coca Cola

    Following the Oxfam report ‘Sugar Rush – Land rights and the supply chains of the biggest food and beverage companies’, Coca Cola announced that it commits to zero-tolerance for land grabbing. Please find the full commitments here.

  • Publication: The governance of large-scale farmland investments in Sub-Saharan Africa. A comparative…

    Book: The governance of large-scale farmland investments in Sub-Saharan Africa. A comparative analysis of challenges for sustainability. By George Schoneveld 2013 Growing global resource scarcities and increasingly unstable commodity markets have in recent years propelled large numbers of investors to seek access to the cheap and fertile farmlands of sub-Saharan Africa. Though potentially providing its […]

  • New website: focus on land in Africa

    Focus on Land in Africa (FOLA) is a joint initiative of the World Resources Institute (WRI) and Landesa, and provides information for development practitioners and policy makers who are interested in how land and natural resource rights affect, and are effected by, development in Africa. The website provides country sources, information about specific development themes […]

  • Call for papers World Bank Land & Poverty Conference 2014

    The World Bank has launched its new call for papers for the Land & Poverty Conference in 2014. The conference takes place in Washington DC, at the World Bank, from 31 March – 3 April. Under the theme of “Land Governance in the Post-2015 Agenda: Harnessing Synergies for Implementation and Monitoring Impact”, the 2014 conference will […]

  • DFID to scale up Land portfolio

    DFID intends to publish a new competition opportunity in early 2014 where they will be seeking partners for a new multi-million programme which will improve land governance and the protection of land tenure rights in up to 6 DFID focus countries, and promote greater transparency and accountability in land governance globally. For more information, please […]

  • Climate change and land

    On 30 September, LANDac organized a lecture around the themes of climate change and land. Dr Sonja Vermeulen of the CGIAR Research Program on Climate Change, Agriculture and Food Security (CCAFS) introduced recent themes and topics around the links between climate change policies and land governance. A short report of the lecture will be available […]

  • Global Donor Working Group on Land launched

    During the Donor Roundtable Meeting in Washington on the margins of the annual land and poverty conference at the World Bank on 12 April 2013 participants agreed to establish a new Global Donor Working Group on Land. This was in recognition of the increased attention to land issues following the first global food price spike […]

  • Land conflicts in Brazil on Dutch television: Nieuwsuur

    Nieuwsuur, a Dutch newsreel, broadcasted an item about the involvement of four Dutch banks and two Dutch pensionfunds in violent land conflicts in Brazil. The banks and pensionfunds invest in Bunge, an American company, which has deals with local sugarcane farmers who are using indigenous lands in Brazil. The report (in Dutch) is available via: […]

  • Sugar rush and land rights

    As part of its ‘Behind the Brands’ campaign, Oxfam today published a new report about the sugar rush and how it is driving large-scale land acquisitions and land conflicts. Sugar, as a land-intensive crop, is one of the drivers of increasing pressure on land. The report shows that these pressures have cost communities their homes, […]

  • Community land and natural resource rights

    On 23 September, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (DME and DDE), in cooperation with LANDac organized a lecture & lunch about community land and natural resource rights. The meeting was a follow-up of an international conference held on 19 and 20 September in Interlaken, Switzerland. The meeting addressed scaling-up strategies to secure community land and […]

  • The governance of large-scale farmland investments in Sub-Saharan Africa

    PhD defence George Schoneveld 2 October 2013, 16.00 hrs, Academiegebouw Utrecht University African states offer their populations insufficient protection from foreign land grabs Growing global resource scarcities and increasingly unstable commodity markets have in recent years encouraged large numbers of investors to seek access to the cheap and fertile farmlands of sub-Saharan Africa. Though potentially […]

  • Vacancies PBL Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency

    PBL, the Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency, offers four vacancies linked to work on Global Food Systems and natural resource scarcity. The vacancies can be accessed through this link:

  • Successful fourth summer school Land Governance for Developmenty

    The fourth edition of the Summer School Land Governance for Development brought together a very interesting group of participants and lecturers to study current debates on land governance and land deals. The 2-week course, organized by LANDac (8-19 July 2013), was attended by 20 participants: Masters and PhD students and development practitioners from countries such […]

  • New article: land conversion for urban development in Vietnam

    A new article on urbanization and land conversion by LANDac-related PhD researcher Nguyen Quang Phuc (Hue University Vietnam / IDS UU) and LANDac (co)chairs Guus van Westen and Annelies Zoomers just appeared online in Habitat International journal. The article deals with the massive conversion of agricultural land for industrial and urban development in the medium-sized […]

  • Updated Land Matrix now available

    The updated data-sets of the Land Matrix are now available via the Land Matrix website: The Land Matrix is a tool that aims to contribute to transparency in large-scale land deals. The updated information now differentiates between intended, concluded and failed land deals. In addition, information about land deals is directly linked to its […]

  • Job announcement World Bank Conference

    Planning support for the 2014 Annual World Bank Conference on Land and Poverty The land tenure team in the Agriculture and Rural Development Group in the World Bank’s Research Department leads Bank research on land tenure and governance (including large scale acquisition of land) as well as the impact evaluation of scalable land interventions. In […]

  • New publication JPS on land grabbing & methodologies

    Just released: The Journal of Peasant Studies Forum on Global Land Grabbing Part 2:  on methodologies There are five contributions to this Forum (see the list below), and these can be accessed free of charge for a limited period: Table of contents: The politics of evidence: methodologies for understanding the global land rush, by Ian Scoones, Ruth Hall, Saturnino M. Borras […]

  • ‘Land grab’ draws attention in g8 and media

    Land is on the agenda of the current G8 summit, and the topic of ‘global land grabs’ therefore draws renewed attention. LANDac chair Annelies Zoomers was interviewed for the Dutch newspaper Volkskrant (see article here) and for the radio programme ‘Met het oog op morgen’ (17 July 2013), which can be accessed here. Download the leaders’ […]

  • Protective laws don’t prevent ‘land grab’ in Africa

    A new World Development article co-authored by LANDac PhD George Schoneveld explores the relationship between policy and practice associated with customary rights protections in the context of large-scale land acquisitions in Sub-Saharan Africa. Findings point to the difficulty of safeguarding customary rights even in countries providing “best practice” legal protections. A press article on this […]

  • LANDac annual report 2012

    LANDac has published its 2012 annual report, which can be accessed here.  In this annual report LANDac looks back at its achievements, results and lessons learned, while also focusing on new challenges for the coming years. The report starts with a short introduction of the IS Academy LANDac, followed by a brief description of the […]

  • New publications

    Various new publications on the global land grab have been issued recently: Biofuels – Economy, Environment and Sustainability Africa for sale? Positioning the state, land and society in foreign large-scale land acquisitions in Africa Special issue Development & Change Journal: “Governing the global land grab: the role of the state in the rush for land” […]

  • LANDac PhD research disseminated in Costa Rica and Nicaragua

    Local workshops on residential tourism and its implications for development Though often gone unnoticed in the debate on large-scale land acquisitions, tourism and in particular residential tourism* can be important causes of land alienation. LANDac PhD graduate Femke van Noorloos did research on residential tourism and its implications for development in Costa Rica, and was […]

  • 16-05-2013 letter of the Dutch Minister for Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation…

    In this letter to the Dutch House of Representatives, Minister for Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation Lilianne Ploumen, discusses the Dutch efforts to oppose land grabbing following a consultation with different stakeholders in April this year. She also responds to the situation around land rights in projects of The World Bank. The letter (in Dutch) can be […]

  • Summerschool 2013 coming up in July

    From 8-19 July 2013 LANDac organises the fourth Utrecht Summerschool Land Governance for Development. The two-week intensive course will introduce students to the multiple dimensions of land governance in Africa, Asia, Latin America and beyond. Students will acquire the most up-to-date knowledge on new land pressures and learn how to place these in broader theoretical […]

  • Short article on land grab in Latin America (in Dutch)

    In December 2012 LA Chispa published a background article on land in Latin America:  “Land for sale: five questions and answers on the ‘land grab’ in Latin America” (in Dutch). Click here to read the article. LA Chispa is a Dutch Magazine on Latin America and the Caribbean.

  • Report: round-table “Free Prior and Informed Consent (FPIC) in the context of…

    On 28 November 2012, LANDac and Oxfam Novib organised a round-table discussion on Free Prior and Informed Consent in the context of land governance, with Marcus Colchester (Director Forest Peoples Programme) as the main presenter and Kristen Genovese (Center for International Environmental Law) as a discussant. The event took place at the  Ministry of Foreign […]

  • Report: seminar Kenya land reform – from paper to practice

    On Tuesday 9 October 2012, LANDac together with ActionAid and the African Studies Center organised the seminar Kenya Land Reform: From Paper to Practice. Will Kenya’s new land bills safeguard people’s land rights and food security? Kenyan ActionAid activist David Barissa shed his light on the new land legislation in the country, followed by reflections by Marcel […]

  • New publications on Land

    Recently various institutions have released reports on land governance and large-scale land acquisitions. Some of the main recent reports are mentioned here: Deutsche Bank (DB Research). Foreign investment in farmland. No low-hanging fruit. November 2012. Oxfam. ‘Our Land, Our Lives’.  Time out on the global land rush. October 2012. ActionAid. Lay of the Land. Improving land governance […]

  • Grootschalige landverwerving in Afrika: artikel internationale spectator

    A new article by Annelies Zoomers (chair LANDac) in Internationale Spectator of July-August 2012 analyses large-scale land acquisitions in Africa. Click here for the article (in Dutch).

  • Country factsheets updatedy

    In July 2012, all 15 country factsheets have been updated. They can be accessed  here. The factsheets present the relevant policy and institutional contexts with respect to land governance.

  • European Report on Development 2011-2012 published: focus on water, energy and land…

    The 2011-2012 European Report on Development  “Confronting Scarcity: Managing water, energy and land for inclusive and sustainable growth” and accompanying papers are now available online here.  Various LANDac partners (Utrecht University, Royal Tropical Institute, Ministry of Foreign Affairs) have contributed to the report with a number of research papers on the issue of land.

  • Hivos-IIED provocation on small-scale farming and youth report online

    On the 24th of May 2012, Hivos and IIED organised a provocative seminar on small-scale farming and youth in an era of rapid rural change. This provocation was the sixth and last in a series being initiatied by the IIED/Hivos Knowledge Programme Small Procuder Agency in Globalised Markets. More information and the online report can […]

  • Successful third edition of the Utrecht Summerschool Land Governance for Development completed

    In July 2012 LANDac organised the third Utrecht Summerschool Land Governance for Development. The two-week intensive course  introduced students to the multiple dimensions of land governance in Africa, Asia, Latin America and beyond. 25 Students from 16 different countries all over the world participated in the summerschool. They acquired up-to-date knowledge from LANDac partners and […]

  • LANDac selects two foci for research: civil society and responsible investment

    LANDac partners currently emphasize two subjects in their research activities: 1) The role of civil society (e.g. farmers’ organizations) in dealing with large-scale land acquisitions and related issues 2) Responsible investment in land: are there lessons to be learned from good practices? More information will follow soon.

  • Utrecht Summerschool Land Governance for Development

    2 – 13 July 2012 Utrecht University, the Netherlands In July 2012 LANDac organises the third Utrecht Summerschool Land Governance for Development. The two-week intensive course will introduce students to the multiple dimensions of land governance in Africa, Asia, Latin America and beyond. Students will acquire the most up-to-date knowledge on new land pressures and […]

  • Conference report ‘knowledge for development’ 2012. new donors, new investments: new development?

    Report now available: NEW DONORS, NEW INVESTMENTS: NEW DEVELOPMENT? Beyond the Millennium Development Goals  8th Knowledge for development conference, Utrecht, January 27, 2012 This seminar, organized by IDS (Utrecht University), LANDac, HIVOS, FNV Mondiaal, IOB (Antwerp University) and SID, aimed to critically assess the meaning of development in the context of contemporary transformations such as […]

  • Now available: summerschool 2011 participants’ work on Land Governance in Argentina and…

    The 2011 Summerschool on Land Governance for Development participants’ best papers and posters are now available. Two papers were chosen as best quality papers from the 2011 Summerschool participants: Matilde Carabellese’s paper “Land grabbing in Argentina: tendencies and consequences“, and Natalia Mamonova & Michelle Steggerda’s paper (which is here represented in a poster) “Land governance […]

  • Utrecht Summerschool “Land Governance for Development” back in 2012

    2 – 13 July 2012 Utrecht University, the Netherlands In July 2012 LANDac organises the third Utrecht Summerschool Land Governance for Development. The two-week intensive course will introduce students to the multiple dimensions of land governance in Africa, Asia, Latin America and beyond. Students will acquire the most up-to-date knowledge on new land pressures and […]

  • Report LANDac Lunch Meeting “Van Landjepik Naar Duurzaam Landgebruik” (20 October 2011)

    In September 2011, Oxfam International presented the report “Land and Power”, which discusses the local implications of the global rush for fertile land by companies, and argues that international companies can and should assume responsibility for protecting local rights when deciding to invest in land (see attachment).This report has generated wide media interest and questions […]

  • IIAS Newsletter: Food Security and Land Grabbing in Asia

    The most recent issue of the International Institute for Asian Studies (IIAS) Newsletter contains a series of papers in on land problems in Asia, with a particular focus on food security. The issue was edited by Annelies Zoomers and contains several contributions from LandAc-related authors and studies. Local crop or foreign commodity? Guest editor Annelies Zoomers […]

  • Argentina looks at limiting foreign land buys

    Article in the Wall Street Journal on Argentina’s plans to limit foreign land acquisition (Matt Moffett – 1 September 2011). Dr. Irma Mosquera (Utrecht University) was interviewed about the judicial aspects of foreign land acquisition.

  • Conference report “The Global Land Rush – What’s real & what are…

    Reports about land acquisitions in developing countries – often labeled as land grabbing – are on the rise. The number of land-related conflicts seems to be growing, leading to concerns about increasing land inequality in societies were many people depend on access to land for their livelihoods. On 24 March, 2011, International Development Studies (IDS) […]

  • Conference Report “Climate-Smart Development in the South” (5 Nov 2010)

    How to align ‘climate proofing’ and growing land pressures with poverty reduction strategies? On November 5, 2010, International Development Studies (IDS) of Utrecht University organised its 7th annual “knowledge for development conference” for experts and students in development policy, practice and research. This year’s topic was ‘climate smart development’. The seminar aimed to give an […]