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  • LAND-at-scale programme

    LAND-at-scale contributes to improving land governance and can be beneficial to economic development and peace and stability in developing countries. The programme supports actions and interventions that develop sustainable livelihoods, better food and nutrition security and social justice. Many initiatives supported by the Dutch government and others have already contributed to improved land governance for […]

  • Guidelines for Impact Evaluation of Land Tenure and Governance Interventions

    The overall objective of the Guidelines for Impact Evaluation of Land Tenure and Governance Interventions is to inform and strengthen the design and implementation of future land tenure and governance interventions. In doing so, more sustainable tenure security and related impact on poverty, food security, gender equality, environmental sustainability will be achieved. The Guidelines aim to serve as […]

  • End of Phase Evaluation: Global Land Tool Network – Phase 2

    The evaluation of GLTN’sPhase 2 operations was conducted between January and March 2018, where performance, impact, relevance, efficiency, effectiveness, and sustainability were assessed. The evaluation also assessed additional factors such as partner participation and ownership, financial management, and monitoring and evaluation. The general findings of the evaluation indicate that GLTN’s Phase 2 successfully delivered expected results, in […]

  • Women for Women ILC’s mentoring and solidarity network Call for expression of…

    You are: a woman/feminist/women’s rights activist/community leader working for/with an ILC member. You want to: share your challenges and experiences with other women in ILC, get advice from more experienced women in the coalition, find solutions to promote gender justice in ILC. You believe in: gender justice as a core value of ILC, women’s agency as crucial to […]

  • Call for applications: African Research Universities Alliance (ARUA) Postdoctoral fellowships on Mobility…

    The African Research Universities Alliance (ARUA) is seeking post-doctoral fellows to join a five year research programme entitled ‘Mobility and Sociality in Africa’s Emerging Urban.’ This initiative is a scholarly response to unprecedented levels of urbanisation and mobility driven by conflict, ambition, and respatialising economies. It is intended to develop African-based contributions to theories of human mobility […]

  • Three things to know about women’s land rights today

    This blog originally appeared on World Bank and on Stand4herland By Anna Wellenstein and Victoria Stanley Watch the video here Gender equality is central to ongoing global efforts to reduce extreme poverty and improve livelihoods for all. An important part of gender equality is ensuring women’s equal access to – and secure rights to – […]


    The Regional Center for Social Science and Sustainable Development<http://rcsd.soc.cmu.ac.th/home/> and the Mekong Land Research Forum<http://www.mekonglandforum.org/> will run a week-long intensive summer school on land research in the Mekong Region. Applications are welcome from early-career academics, government staff and those working with civil society organizations. The purpose of the summer school is to equip participants with […]

  • Realizing women’s land rights in Africa and Beyond – A Webinar Report

    In October 2016, women farmers from 22 countries across Africa climbed the peak of Mount Kilimanjaro to claim women’s rights for access to and control over land and natural resources. This event coincided with the launch of a campaign of the African Land Policy Centre (ALPC) to reach the target of having 30 percent of […]

  • Sustainable Palm Oil Dialogue – Europe

    We are pleased to invite you to the dialogue on reaching complete market transformation to sustainable palm oil in 2020. Taking place on Friday 14 June 2019, at the Jaarbeurs in Utrecht, this dialogue will debate how we can reach our 2020 target and formulate a Framework for Action through interactive discussion. During the day, the […]

  • Let People Protect Nature

    A botto­m-up perspective on environmental conservation and local development in Costa Rica. Country: Costa Rica Date: 11-10-2018 OSA PENINSULA, COSTA RICA. In the existing contrast between environmental conservation and local development, local people are often not taken into account. However, The conciliation between these two lies upon the local people. Sign of forested area benefitting […]

  • Looking into the Crystal Ball: Anticipating and Influencing Change in Asian Deltas…

    Looking into the Crystal Ball: Anticipating and Influencing Change in Asian Deltas Prof Veena Srinivasan has been appointed as the holder of the Prince Claus Chair in Development and Equity 2018-2020 at Utrecht University. On 7 May she will deliver her inaugural lecture, entitled: ‘Looking into the crystal ball: Anticipating and influencing change in Asian […]


    Statement by Professor Philip Alston, United Nations Special Rapporteur on extreme poverty and human rights on his visit to Lao PDR, 18-28 March 2019 Vientiane, 28 March 2019 On paper, the Lao People’s Democratic Republic has made great progress in poverty reduction over recent decades. And after more than twenty years of striving to graduate […]

  • Exploring the Nexus between Displacement and Land Administration: The Case of Rwanda

    Dimo Todorovski 1,* and Jossam Potel 2 1Department of Urban and Regional Planning and Geo-Information Management, Faculty for Geo-Information Sciences and Earth Observation—ITC, University of Twente, Hengelosestraat 99, 7514 AE Enschede, The Netherland 2Department of Land Administration and Management, Institute of Applied Sciences, 155 Ruhengeri, Rwanda *Author to whom correspondence should be addressed. Published: 29 March 2019 Abstract […]

  • Rent-Seeking Practices, Local Resource Curse, and Social Conflict in Uganda’s Emerging Oil…

    Tom Ogwang *, Frank Vanclay   and Arjan van den Assem  Department of Cultural Geography, Faculty of Spatial Sciences, University of Groningen, 9712 CP Groningen, The Netherlands Published: 27 March 2019 Abstract We consider the different types of rent-seeking practices in emerging oil economies, and discuss how they contribute to social conflict and a local resource […]

  • Expansion of Oil Palm Plantations in Indonesia’s Frontier: Problems of Externalities and…

    Agus Andrianto 1,*,Heru Komarudin 1 and Pablo Pacheco 1,2 1Center for International Forestry Research (CIFOR), Bogor 16115, Indonesia 2World Wildlife Fund (WWF), Washington, DC 20037, USA Published: 29 March 2019 (This article belongs to the Special Issue Land Governance and (Im)mobility: Exploring the Nexus between Land Acquisition, Displacement and Migration) Abstract The expansion of oil palm plantations in Papua province, […]

  • The Guidance Note of the Secretary General “The United Nations and Land…

    On Friday 15th of March 2019, the Secretary-General António Guterres endorsed the Guidance Note of the Secretary General on “The United Nations and Land and Conflict”. This is a milestone in the journey towards a sustained and coherent engagement of the UN System on land and conflict to prevent conflict and sustain peace.   Developed under the leadership […]

  • World Bank Land and Poverty Conference 2019: Catalyzing Innovation

    World Bank Land and Poverty Conference 2019: Catalyzing Innovation Date: 25 Mar 2019 – 29 Mar 2019 Location: Washington, DC, the United States The Annual World Bank Land and Poverty Conference in Washington DC presents the latest research and innovations in policies and good practice on land governance around the world. The 2019 conference theme […]

  • The Quantifying Tenure Risk (QTR) Initiative – Assessing the Costs of Tenure…

    The Quantifying Tenure Risk (QTR) is a joint research initiative from the ODI and TMP Systems, funded by the UK’s Department for International Development Economic Growth team in 2017 and 2018. Their aim is to provide the data and analysis that businesses need to reduce land conflict and improve land governance through better informed investment […]

  • Let Data Speak by Submitting Your Data Story for the Land Portal’s…

    Data scientists and those working with data in general, often struggle to communicate how and why data are essential and potentially life changing.  The word data often conjures up notions of difficult to understand numbers or facts, information that is out of reach for the general population, meant for data scientists or those carrying out […]

  • SMART Political Ecologies? On the Nature and Power of Environmental Technologies and…

    The Six-day intensive PhD workshop ‘SMART Political Ecologies? On the Nature and Power of Environmental Technologies and their Implications for Just Futures’ will be held from 27 June – 3 July 2019 in Wageningen, the Netherlands. The workshop gives motivated PhD candidates the chance to deepen their knowledge on how the field of political ecology […]

  • Who’s got the right to water? Studium Generale with Daphina Misiedjan

    How do we distribute water in a fair and sustainable way? Does nature also have the right to water? With human rights scholar Dr Daphina Misiedjan. This Studium Generale lecture is part of a Dutch series on the sustainable development goals of the UN. Met het doel voor ogen – wat is er tot nu toe […]

  • Stronger together: Peasants from Malawi and the Netherlands share knowledge

    For a farmer, access to land is crucial, but this access is not self-evident for many women. In December 2018, peasant women from Malawi and the Netherlands came together to exchange their knowledge and experience. The exchange showed that the struggle of women worldwide has many similarities and that the importance of social movements and international knowledge […]

  • GREENGO Conference

    This conference will be devoted to the economic analysis of the interactions between environmental NGOs, firms and regulators addressing issues related to environmental protection and energy transition. Are welcome all the theoretical and applied works, on topics that include – but are not limited to – public awareness campaigns, education, informational lobbying, boycott actions, corporate […]


    Land is an essential natural resource. Forty per cent of the world’s land is dedicated to agricultural and livestock production and ninety per cent of our food come directly or indirectly from it. Access to land facilitates also the livelihood of a significant amount of people, consisting of small-scale agriculture and other activities belonging to […]

  • European Conference on African Studies (ECAS) – University of Edinburgh

    Africa: Connections and Disruptions In 2019, the University of Edinburgh’s Centre of African Studies will host the 8th European Conference on African Studies, Europe’s largest and most international conference with an African focus. It will take place in the University’s central campus on June 11-14 2019, and is organised on behalf of the Research Network […]

  • Documentary screening on a mining conflict in KwaZulu-Natal: This land

    The Land & Accountability Research Centre (LARC) at the University of Cape Town commissioned the vivid documentary film This Land as a way for rural people to bring the untold story of their struggle for rights and accountability on communal land into urban forums of legislative, political and corporate decision-making. This film screening has been jointly organized by […]

  • EU Support to Responsible Land Governance – State of Play 2018

    Secure access and use of land for men and women is crucial for sustainable development, food security and for a vibrant agricultural sector in support of inclusive socio-economic development. The brochure briefly presents how land governance is improving globally and at the country level. In particular, critical issues such as equal land rights for women […]

  • Making Land Rights Work: Zoa Land Rights Guidelines

    Secure access to land and secure use of land, for housing, agricultural and other purposes is one of the cornerstones of making sustainable, positive development possible. As ZOA provides relief, hope and recovery to people impacted by conflicts and disasters, addressing land rights issues will need to be a permanent point of attention in our […]

  • M.A in Social Science (Development Studies) Specialization in Land Issues

    Want to work in Development? Looking for a career as a sustainability professional, social researcher, development specialist, humanitarian worker or policy maker? Interested in Land Issues? Start the journey down your career path with a Master of Arts in Social Science (Development Studies) from the Faculty of Social Sciences, Chiang Mai University. Since 2017, a […]