• Three things to know about women’s land rights today

    This blog originally appeared on World Bank and on Stand4herland By Anna Wellenstein and Victoria Stanley Watch the video here Gender equality is central to ongoing global efforts to reduce extreme poverty and improve livelihoods for all. An important part of gender equality is ensuring women’s equal access to – and secure rights to – […]

  • Let People Protect Nature

    A botto­m-up perspective on environmental conservation and local development in Costa Rica. Country: Costa Rica Date: 11-10-2018 OSA PENINSULA, COSTA RICA. In the existing contrast between environmental conservation and local development, local people are often not taken into account. However, The conciliation between these two lies upon the local people. Sign of forested area benefitting […]

  • GUATEMALA BLOG SERIES #7: Some land governance institutions in Guatemala and their…

    March 2019, by Jur Schuurman   It will be no surprise to the readers of this blog that the institutional environment for land governance in Guatemala has its shortcomings. In the previous instalment I wrote about a massive land fraud in the Petén department, perpetrated with active participation of staff of FONTIERRA, the fund that […]

  • Khartoum’s affluent neighborhoods: spectacles of luxury and public decay

    By Griet Steel In a well-equipped, air-conditioned meeting room of the University of Khartoum, I attend a presentation of a fellow researcher on how poor people in the city of Khartoum claim public service delivery from their government. Despite the very inspiring discussion on the different actors and strategies involved in service claiming, I leave […]


    My name is Eva Labrujere. I am a graduate of the Urbanism master degree at Delft University of Technology. My graduation thesis (a research-and-design project) addressed sustainable development in the informal settlement of Mathare Valley, in Nairobi, Kenya. Its outcome included an academic research and a spatial plan that offered a possible, feasible vision for […]

  • GUATEMALA BLOG SERIES #6: Land and the judiciary – an uncertain future

    January 2019, by Jur Schuurman   Last December I wrote that Guatemala “is going through a political and constitutional crisis that has everything to do with the struggle of certain sectors to retain their privileges and avoiding uncomfortable questions about them (…). But that is another story.” It is indeed, and now is the time […]

  • GUATEMALA BLOG SERIES #5: Urban land governance in Guatemala: two elephants and…

    December 2018, by Jur Schuurman   Last month’s blog post, on the National Development Meeting (ENADE) housing conference, ended with the question how to deal with Guatemala City’s chaotic growth, housing shortages and traffic congestion. Enter keynote speaker Pedro Ortiz from Spain, known for his advisory role in the Habitat III process. He confronted the […]

  • Land deals in peri-urban Mexico City: A rush for land among private…

    October 2018, by Wieke Smit Wieke Smit is a graduate of the International Development Studies master degree at Utrecht University. As part of this degree she examined a new venue within land governance debates. Her field-research took place in the peri-urban area of Mexico City Metropolitan area where she evaluated the inclusiveness of land deals […]

  • GUATEMALA BLOG SERIES #4 (The absence of) Urban land governance in Guatemala

    October 2018, by Jur Schuurman   Update: International Land Coalition publishes report on mission to Guatemala A month ago we wrote a blog about the fact-finding mission by the International Land Coalition to inquire into the assassinations of land rights defenders in the first half of 2018. The official report is now available and leaves […]

  • GUATEMALA BLOG SERIES #3 Land conflicts, violence and… a way forward?

    September 2018, by Jur Schuurman A few weeks ago, an international fact-finding mission led by the International Land Coalition (ILC) visited Guatemala. The reason: from January to July 2018, 18 leaders and members of Guatemalan movements defending human rights were killed – without any suspects being rounded up, not even the usual ones. 13 of […]

  • GUATEMALA BLOG SERIES #2 Land and land governance: some Guatemalan facts and…

    July 2018, by Jur Schuurman Land tenure in Guatemala is characterised by high inequality. A recent report published by Oxfam International[1] listed the Gini coefficients for land distribution in all Latin American countries; the data for Central America show that Guatemala has the highest Gini value, which is to say the most unequal land distribution. […]

  • Sugar and forestry investments in Uganda: lessons from a first Learning Platform…

    After two Learning Platforms in Tanzania and Mozambique, LANDac and partners organized their third multi-stakeholder learning event in Jinja, Uganda on September 21 and 22, 2017. The platform in Jinja focused on two major investments in the region: one in agriculture (sugar) and one in forestry (pine trees and eucalyptus), and brought together representatives from […]

  • GUATEMALA BLOG SERIES #1 Setting the stage

    June 2018 My name is Jur Schuurman and I will be blogging about land governance in Guatemala, where land and land governance are key elements in the debate about the country’s development. Raised in Argentina and with a strong Latin (and Central) American background, I have been involved with LANDac for several years now, first […]

  • Learning Platform update: Highlights from Mozambique

    Since the first multi-stakeholder Learning Platform on Land Governance and Food Security in Tanzania on April 27 and 28 (Blogpost #1), LANDac and partners have organized two additional Learning Platforms in Mozambique and Uganda. This new blogpost shares the highlights from the Mozambique Learning Platforms which took place in the city of Chimoio on July […]

  • Highlights from Learning Platform on investments in Tanzania

    On April 27 and 28, 2017, a first multi-stakeholder Learning Platform on Land Governance and Food Security was organized in Ifakara, Tanzania1. The Learning Platform creates space for dialogue and learning around land-based investments in agriculture and forestry in the Kilombero Valley in Tanzania. The main question addressed during the two-day meeting was how to […]

  • Golden Ghana: Pressing problems and new solutions for land management

    Vincent Oberdorf is a student of International Development Studies at Utrecht University who recently conducted research on land issues in Ghana for his Master’s thesis. Here he writes about some of the things he encountered. In Ghana, land is under increasing pressure. In some parts of the capital city, Accra, land prices are higher than […]