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PhD Researchers Lucia Goldfarb (ongoing) Research: Frontiers of expansion: land acquisition and control for GM soya cultivation in South America and beyond. Implications for equitable and sustainable development. Femke van Noorloos Research: Whose place in the sun? Residential tourism and its implications for equitable and sustainable development in Guanacaste, Costa Rica. Murtah Read (ongoing) Research: Dutch hydraulic interventions in Mozambique; towards sustainable governance within the water-land nexus. Alda Salomão (ongoing) Research: Challenges of participatory land governance in Mozambique: Assessing community spaces, voices, power and benefits in decisions on large-scale land-based investments. George Schoneveld Research: The governance of large-scale farmland investments in Sub-Saharan Africa. A comparative analysis of challenges for sustainability. Maru Shete (ongoing) Research: The impact of large-scale land acquisition on equitable and sustainable development in Ethiopia. Eileen Dyer (ongoing) Research: The facilitation of services in large-scale agricultural investments in rice and sugar in Tanzania.   Postdoc Researcher Chris Huggins (ongoing) Research: Improving land governance for agricultural intensification through innovative partnership models and ICT platforms in Tanzania   For more information about these projects, please visit the ‘Research’ section on this website.

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